Friday, February 25, 2011

Under the Bed Restraints

Manufacturing Company: Sportsheets
Cost: $35 to $55, depending on the website
Amazon has these available at $35, plus shipping. Cirilla's sells them for around $50. It really just depends on where you want to go to buy them.

Materials: Nylon and Neoprene
Closure: Velcro, easy to put on and get off quickly; Cuffs are attached by snap closures

Pros: low cost, easy to stow away, easy to clean, soft, flexible, easy to assemble/disassemble, virtually silent
The cuffs are padded, making it to where even if the restrainee struggles, they will not leave marks.
The cuffs come off, so if you want to have them flip over, you don't have to release your prisoner, just snap the cuff to the other side.
Easily machine washable.
Discreet. Just detach the cuffs when not in use and viola! No one has to know. Especially helpful if you live in a college dorm or have children.
Easy to make fit on ANY mattress. 
Cons: Disappointingly easy to get out of

Rating: 5 of 5
I cannot think of a single reason to downgrade this item from a five star review.
The ease and accessibility, along with being as silent as your partner is, make it too good to pass up.
As a restraint system, it is super cheap, too!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Porn Review: Psycho Parody

Title: Psycho (XXX Parody)
Producing Company: Zero Tolerance
Rating: 4 out of 5

The scenes into the porn and foreplay area seem to drag on for what feel like eternity.
Every scene starts with pussy eating. Boring.
Every scene takes the girl at least 20 minutes to get undressed. Boring.
In the end, it seems like the sex scenes really did just drag on forever.

There are a few scenes that make this worth it.
If you like pussy eating, dick sucking, and ending facials... You'll love it.
Plus, it actually has a plot that you can keep up with. The dialog was pretty entertaining. It got them some brownie points.