Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Minor Review of Sorts

Sorry for the lack of updating! There has been almost no blog activity, on any of them lately. I'm almost 100% positive no one actually reads this, but I do what I can because I love it...
I actually think I stopped posting as much because I started using it as an advertisement for EdenFantasys... And that's a shitty thing to think, it is my blog after all!

So anyway. We shall talk about the toys I bought for Valentine's Day.

The Vibrolady Fleshlight just... Was rather disappointing. I mean, the Fleshlight itself is fabulous... But the bullets? Bah. They weren't even worth putting in as replacement bullets in the cock ring; they were not powerful or worth the effort of putting them in the Fleshlight.
In fact, I was using one as a teaser and it kept shorting out. It took less than two times of turning it on and it shorted out. What the fuck? So I launched it across the room. It made a nice BANG against the wall and I haven't touched it since.

What's the Fleshlight made out of? Well, according to EdenFantasys it's made out of a material called "SuperSkin" which is made from "high quality materials covered by a series of US patents." Uh... What? And it's recommended to just "clean with warm water, NOT soap" which, to me, is still weird, because when was the last time just using warm water did anything but rinse something off?..
Anyway, so you just rinse it in warm water, air dry. When it's done air drying, sprinkle the insertion end with cornstarch and shake off the excess, should be good as new! Shouldn't even stick as much!

The cock ring... It came with two powerful bullets. The metal pieces in the cock ring for "added support" is just as nice. But as for the clit stimulation? Give me a break. You're trying to hump a duck beak, you can barely feel the vibrating of the bullet through it, and if you do, you're stabbing yourself with a duck beak. While this cock ring is great for keeping him hard and vibrating for him, it does almost nothing for me besides minor vibrations in his cock.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Plans!

In the last few weeks I have made a few purchases from EdenFantasys. My boyfriend will be surprised for Valentine's Day!

With the giftcards I worked for through blogging and winning two giveaways (plus you can collect points by navigating through the site, using the search engine, even voting in polls, or making forum comments) I was able to spend almost $200 on things for Valentine's Day.

We're talking a Fleshlight Vibro Lady, a 4.5 fluid oz of System JO H20 Warming lubea new fancy cock ring, and a High Intensity Vibro-Tease (anal plug... For me. Should probably state that now.)

I just ordered the warming lube and new cock ring with another gift card I received. (And some points redeemed into a giftcard...) While it may not get here until February 15th, I have hope that maybe it won't be that late.

Until then, apparently we are going to a little bakery to end lunch and then spending a night in, Josh took the day off work. =D
Then! February 15th I have a meeting with a Visual Communications director for school and pick up the shiny engagement ring! Huzzah!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Save the Date Romance Kits!

Today is February 1st. That means that Valentine's Day is under 13 days away! EdenFantasys is having a fantastic deal on Romance Toy Kits!

EdenFantasys present Save the Date Luxury Gift Boxes
You can pick up a complete Romance Kit and save yourself some money! So not only are you giving the best gift (orgasms), but you are also saving yourself some cash. Win-win for all involved, in my opinion!

For her is "a passionate kit that will indulge both toy lovers and toy beginners alike." This cute little kit includes an Insignia Alia (in three different colors: pink, rose, and black), Lelo Personal Lube, Kissaholic Lip Gloss, and Eden Toy and Body Wipes. 

The kit is $125: Alia is $114.99, Lelo lube is $12.99, the lip gloss is $15.99, and then Eden Toy/Body Wipes is $4.99. You save over $30 with this sexy kit!

The for him Valentine's kit is just as exciting! "Show him how much you love his sexy side with fun toys for solo play, or a naughty night for two!" Give him something to swoon over with the new Tenga 3D, Naughty Boy, Ride H2O Lube, and Eden Toy and Body Wipes.

This sexy kit is only $100: a $44.99 3D Tenga, $49.99 Naughty Boy (in blue or black), $11.99 Ride H2O lube, and the $4.99 Eden Toy/Body Wipes. This saves you over $15! Show your man you appreciate him as much as you appreciate yourself and all he does for you. ;)

There's even a "for couples" option. "This intimate kit includes fun and sensual toys guaranteed to bring couples closer together." Enjoy Valentine's Day (and every day ;) ) with the We-Vibe II, Lover's Body Paint, Pleasure Feather, ID Moments Warming Lube, and Eden Toy and Body Wipes.

For a (few) good nights worth of stuff, you only pay $110. The We-Vibe II itself is $99.00! $11.99 for the body paint, $6.99 for the feather, $9.99 for the warming lube, and $4.99 for the wipes... You're looking at almost $30 in savings.

This is an unbiased promotion. This post is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.