Friday, October 5, 2012

October Sales at EdenFantasys!

It's October! And you know that means great deals for awesome prices, right?

Sexy costumes for women and men. Including pirates, police (three different types in the men section!), firemen, SWAT team, saloon girl, school girl, nurses, maid, sailors, racing... There's even an Alice and Fairytale Princess.

There's a "Support Your Tatas" sweepstakes from EdenFantasys going on right now. Any sponsored purchase puts you in the sweepstakes, which closes October 12th! (Companies like Calex, Doc Johnson, Evolved, Lelo, and a few others!) Five percent of all proceeds are donated to Breast Cancer Research. Grand prize is a $500 gift basket and a $500 EdenFantasys shopping spree. The second prize is a $300 gift basket and shopping spree, with third prize being a $200 gift basket and shopping spree.
Winners will be announced October 15th.

Now on to the great deals!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's September!

EdenFantasys, as always, has some awesome sales going on.

  • Up to 30% off on vibrators - expires September 14th, so get moving!
  • Up to 20% off all JimmyJane products - expires September 21st
  • 30% off rechargeable vibes by CalEx - expires September 21st
  • $35 off Lelo's Ina, Mona, and Elise
  • Free lube and toy cleaner with a Lelo (including Picobong) purchase
  • Labor Day Clearance (up to 70%) while supplies last

Did you know that you can get free shipping on orders over $35? A free Intensity bullet on orders over $70! How about free gifts with your order?
If you sign up for their newsletter, they send a toy worth up to $20 as well!

When buying toys, I always use their handy-dandy review section. It's saved me from a lot of regret. I mean, it's not perfect, and there are some you end up buying because no one has reviewed it... But really, educate yourself. Look it up on google if you can't find a review for it on EdenFantasys. Or try their forum!

Also, educate yourself on what the toy is made out of!

I know, I know. Seems like an awful lot of hard work for an orgasm. But trust me, the doctor bill is not worth it. Or the pain of a yeast or urinary tract infection. Believe me. EdenFantasys has a nifty Guide to Materials you can utilize.
Try silicone, steel, wood (not like "grab a stick out of your yard", but a toy made from wood), stone, glass... Pretty much anything that isn't a porous or jelly material. They exist!
Grab a lube that goes with it, too! Certain lubes will eat materials, so be careful and make the right decision! Try the guide here.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

EdenFantasys New Sales!

EdenFantasys blogger program is back up and running! Plus they have some amazing sales going on! Now is the time to shop. (Plus the holidays are coming up, and the gift of orgasms is the gift that keeps on giving!)

There's the lovely 20% off lingerie sale that ends August 24th. (This includes some sexy costumes! Think of Halloween, or even bedroom material.)

There's a sale for up to 30% on select merchandise for couples. Harnesses, kits, and liberator, oh my! There's whips, iStim, and kits to play with, too. If you've been wanting a sex swing or harness, these are included as well.

The Wonderland series by Doc Johnson have interesting shapes to please you, aesthetically and physically.

And finally, the best part in my opinion, you can earn points to redeem for giftcards with EdenPoints!
If you rate a product, add to your wish list, compare, review, request an assignment, post in a forum, vote in a poll, or almost anything on EdenFantasys website, you gain points! Each thing has its own point value, but you have to log in to EdenFantasys before closing your browser or your points will be lost. There are limits to your point collecting so you can't manipulate the system, but that resets the next day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bath and Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

My Influenster account gave me access to their Spring Beauty Vox Box, which included a nice variety of items to try out. The Spring Beauty Vox Box came with body spray, lipbalm, a SoyJoy bar, duo concealer, Doctor Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot, Sally Hansen Salon Effects, and Aveeno body wash.

The first delightful product I decided to try was Paris Amour's Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath & Body Works. The smell is great, it's not overwhelming like I was thinking it would be. It's advertised to have a "dreamy blend of French tulips, apple blossoms, and sparkling pink champagne" which was "inspired by a romantic stroll through the streets of Paris."

While I'm not inspired to be romantic, it does make me feel nice that I smell great when wearing it. There's even aloe to condition and nourish your skin while you wear it.

The real test was when I wore it around my father. His asthma is set off from perfume, candles, laundry detergent, and soaps, so the fact that I thought it was light enough to wear around him said something. He did not have a reaction after three spritz, so I call this body spray a smashing success.

I love wearing it, I don't feel like I'm walking through a fog of perfume with it, and it's "airy" enough to be safe around my father.

You can buy an 8 ounce bottle for $14.00 (plus shipping) here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

And We're Back!

From a brief hiatus where I had so much to do and think about, my head was spinning. I'm still not 100% sure I want to do sex toy reviews just yet, but I do have a lot of advice and things when it comes down to them that I'll still be writing articles about it and recommending things.

I don't want this blog to be "just another blog", really, so I'm not 100% sure how I'll achieve making this "new" or "fun" to be at. (Especially with no sponsors except free linking to things...)

Anyway! We've got some nifty articles coming up!

  • Bath and Body Works body mist spray
  • Sunscreened lipbalm
  • Salon Effects polish strips
  • SoyJoy bar
  • Doctor Scholls "For Her" Ball of Foot
  • Current giveaways
  • Website Recommendations
Hopefully you're as excited as I am.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Win the Icicles No. 16!

You have a chance to win Icicles No. 16 Glass Dildo and Vibe! It's from Pink Cherry, hosted by Sleeping in the Wet Spot. (Who you should be reading anyway!)

"The Icicles No. 16 combines the ultra pleasurable feel of glass with orgasmic dual stimulation to make for a unique, unforgettable playtime... Created from hand-blown tempered glass..."

Doesn't that just SOUND like a good thing? Read more about it while you enter to win it from here!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tantus T-Rex Giveaway

Ever wanted to win a ridiculously huge silicone T-Rex dildo? Yes? Well, there's a giveaway for that!

Tantus has this dildo with a 3" diameter and SheVibe has given one to Of Sex and Love to give one away to their readers!

This giveaway ends April 15th and there are multiple ways to enter, so get to it!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

$50 EdenFantasys Giveaway

Like what I've told you about EdenFantasys? Want to see for yourself what it's all about without spending all that precious money? is giving away a $50 Eden Fantasys giftcard (giveaway found here)! March is all about #sexyYOU, so get on it! Feel sexy. Buy yourself some lingerie, cockrings, or a new vibrator!

Giveaway ends March 17th at 11:59pm.
Winner will be announced sometime on the 18th.
Open worldwide.

Now go! Enjoy!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lingerie Habits

I love sexy underthings. I love how sexy underthings can emphasize your greatest assets!

Big ass? No problem. No ass? Also not a problem. Big breasts? Make them look fabulous! Small breasts? Make that look fabulous, too!
Want a corset? Garter belt and stockings?

Anyway, I love lingerie. I love corsets, especially!

When it comes to corsets, I love to wear them in public. I love the idea of people doing a double take at me. I love knowing when people are staring. Good or bad, I love people stopping and looking at me while wearing a corset.

Wearing a sexy bra under my shabby clothes while cleaning also makes me feel much better.

I'm not just an "in the bedroom" lingerie wearer, though there are definitely outfits that are deemed "for the bedroom only!"

EdenFantasys has their #SexyYOU thing going on for March, deals on almost everything!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eco-Friendly Sex Toy Sale!

Were you aware that EdenFantasys is having a "Go Green" sale on their website? That's right, eco-friendly sex toys!

An astounding 25% off most of their Eco-Friendly Toys! It's not just glass, though, so no worries! There's wood, steel, and ceramic to think about.

I enjoy glass toys, personally. I own two; the Amethyst and the Blue Spiral G. I would give recommendations for the Blue Spiral G for g-spot play (which is sort of hinted in the title)... I just haven't found the Amethyst to be that comfortable.
Glass is fabulous for a multitude of reasons... A few being the ability to be thrown in the dishwasher, the ability to  be put in the microwave for heating purposes, or even be tossed in the freezer for a few minutes to chill.

I have read fantastic reviews about the Pure Wand toy, which is a steel anal toy.

What's nice about all this? Cleaning and care for these toys are so simple! They're all delightful easy to sterilize (not just clean, but sterilize!). They won't just LOOK nice, they'll FEEL nice.

So, until March 16th, 2012 you can enjoy a lovely 25% off all eco-friendly material toys during their March Madness sale! You can also enjoy 20% off site-wide with the code POTOFGOLD at checkout until March 16th.

Eden Fantasys
This is an unbiased promotion, in compliance with FTC guidelines.