Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Better Inspection of a Revised WooHoo!

The Screaming O 'WooHoo!' that I wrote about in this article, about it snapping at the er... Ball vibrator part the first time we even attempted to use it...

So now instead I've got two awesome new vibrators...

A cock ring that actually works. Fantastically, actually.
The O-Joy (to be talked about later) was too tight. This one was fabulous. He reacted almost instantaneously to the vibrations, the appropriate tightness. He orgasmed at the end of it so hard, that his voice was raw at the end of it. ;)

The vibrator at the ball part was turned into a textured clit vibe.

The best part? I can interchange it with a cheap one-speed or three-speed clit vibe. So when these break, which they inevitably will, I can actually replace it! Until the cock ring part quits on me... Anyway.

He wants to try a working WooHoo! eventually...

The O-Joy has the best little nubbies ever. Even my boyfriend could appreciate them.

However. This may be of the same brand, Screaming O, it is so much tighter.

It actually cut off his ability to ejaculate.

It was rather depressing.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Year Clearance Sale!

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It's that time again! 

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After all, everyone needs a new toy for a new year!
Want to try bondage? There's discounted cuffs, blindfolds, and paddles!

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You could make a sexy gift basket for Valentine's Day or any special occasion at a price like that!

Eden Fantasys
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Cock Ring Rant

I haven't reviewed a toy in what feels like forever... So here's a rant about toys for you.

January of last year brought a lot of new, fun toys for me to play with for free from work.
I got a Neon Junior G-Spot Softee (review here), a thing of Wet's 4-in-1 lubricant (review here), a Screaming O O-Joy (product information here), a Screaming O Woo Hoo (product information here), a bottle of Sliquid Organics O Gel (product information here)... It feels like there might have been more... But it's been a year and I forget things easily.

Anyway, back to the main thing. After a year of not using any of that stuff (in fact, I threw out the Neon Junior for just being a shitty toy and I've never tried the Sliquid Orgasm Gel because I'm allergic to everything under the sun)... I finally busted out the cock rings.

The O-Joy was fantastic. Absolutely amazing. But it was too tight on him. It cut off just enough flow to prevent him from cumming all together and just made him incredibly irritated. He loved how much of a response I got from it, but all in all, he was just irritated by the end.

The Woo Hoo was something else we wanted to try. He liked the idea of the vibrator stimulating his balls at the same time. And it was a bitch to get the bottom piece around his balls. Eventually, he was trying to get it around them and it just... Snapped. The first time I go to use it after a year of having it, and it snaps. -_- Ugh.

In the good news, we now have a cock ring that should do the job and not cut off circulation or semen flow. It's a huge bullet vibrator, so he gets enjoyment out of it, too. And I got a nifty little textured bullet sleeve.

If the top half of the Woo Hoo works out well, we have a new cock ring. If it doesn't, I continue my search for the "perfect cock ring."

Friday, January 13, 2012

EdenFantasys Giveaways

Following on Twitter has benefited me tremendously. I'm always in on giveaways, information, latest articles... Following their counterpart, Eden Cafe, also benefits me. Tips on cropping photographs, giving the best review you can, more giveaways... (Both of those links go to their Twitter pages.)

EdenFantasys does a lot of things, really. They can be more than just a sex toy store! There's giveaways, articles, forums... There's also Eden Gives Back, where people can promote their clothing drives, AIDS awareness, relief funds, supporting the troops... The link shows you everything Eden Gives Back accomplished in 2011.

Right now you can win the Joplin Intensity from EdenFantasys! An incredible new rabbit that also provides electrostimulation to provide orgasms while strengthening your pelvic muscles.

(Picture from EdenFantays giveaway promotion.)

Of course, that's not the only giveaway EdenFantasys has to offer right now!

Purchase any OhMiBod product from EdenFantasys site and you automatically enter into their Feel the Music Valentine Sweepstakes while their products are 25% off.
First prize is an iPod Touch and Freestyle W.
Second prize is a Club Vibe 2.0H.
Third prize is a Naughtibod.

Now go! Follow them and win some nice things for yourself!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TruePleasure's Giveaway

I won (second place in) another giveaway!

True Pleasure's hosted another lovely giveaway through Babeland, found here.

I got a choice between Picobong's line of the Kiki VibeKoa RingHoni Vibe, and the Ipo Finger Vibe.
I went ahead and chose the Koa Ring.

I can't wait get this in the mail! =D

Which reminds me... I owe you a review on the Sqweel and all that jazz...