Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eco-Friendly Sex Toy Sale!

Were you aware that EdenFantasys is having a "Go Green" sale on their website? That's right, eco-friendly sex toys!

An astounding 25% off most of their Eco-Friendly Toys! It's not just glass, though, so no worries! There's wood, steel, and ceramic to think about.

I enjoy glass toys, personally. I own two; the Amethyst and the Blue Spiral G. I would give recommendations for the Blue Spiral G for g-spot play (which is sort of hinted in the title)... I just haven't found the Amethyst to be that comfortable.
Glass is fabulous for a multitude of reasons... A few being the ability to be thrown in the dishwasher, the ability to  be put in the microwave for heating purposes, or even be tossed in the freezer for a few minutes to chill.

I have read fantastic reviews about the Pure Wand toy, which is a steel anal toy.

What's nice about all this? Cleaning and care for these toys are so simple! They're all delightful easy to sterilize (not just clean, but sterilize!). They won't just LOOK nice, they'll FEEL nice.

So, until March 16th, 2012 you can enjoy a lovely 25% off all eco-friendly material toys during their March Madness sale! You can also enjoy 20% off site-wide with the code POTOFGOLD at checkout until March 16th.

Eden Fantasys
This is an unbiased promotion, in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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