Thursday, December 8, 2011


EdenFantasys wants you!

That's right.
EdenFantasys is an adult sex community website that is always hiring new bloggers to work for them. With their EdenLovesBloggers area, it's even easy to apply! You click the "Join Now" button at the bottom of EdenLovesBloggers and they'll decide which blog style is best for yours.
Not everything has to be sex or sex toys even. It could be a lifestyle blog or advice column!
(However, to be eligible for any of these things, your blog does have to be updated regularly and at least three months old.)

There's their Product Reviews worth one free product a month in exchange for an honest review in return, even some "safe for work" products.
Sponsored Posts are just positive posts about something you saw/found on an EdenFantasys portion, whether it's their SexIs magazine, community, or forums. You can do this twice a month in exchange for gift cards!
There's also the Eden Affiliate Program, where you can earn 20% commission via sales, open your own store, and make real life and online sales!
They may even offer to do a Paid Banner & Text Ad! There are more requirements within the link to determine the eligibility of your blog for this program, but hey! Who doesn't like to get paid for advertising?

I applied and got a response back within 12 hours! My blog qualifies for Sponsored Posts, which is exciting for me because not only can I write about anything inspired from EdenFantasys' website, but I get gift cards in exchange! Ah, the joys of potentially free things!

So, easy to apply, always quick responses from your coordinator, four different options to try for, and a great website to surf around on! What's not to love?


This review is in the compliance of the FTC guidelines as provided by EdenFantasys; free things for an unbiased review. =)

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