Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fetish ATCs!

I love to draw. And I love to learn. And I love names of odd and obscure fetishes. I also love swapping crafty items for other crafty items. 

An ATC is an acronym for Artist Trading Card. Essentially it is a "baseball card" of artwork. 2.5 by 3.5 inches (same size as your average trade-able card like baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, whatever...) of original artwork. 

I chose an ATC swap with the category of "obscure fetishes." However, I didn't feel the need to be completely disgusting. I didn't feel like drawing watersports, scat, adult babies, whatever... I just wanted something either nice to look at when completed or a "funny" obscure fetish.

First up was Dacryphilia, the arousal from tears or sobbing. 

My boyfriend and I always have incredible sex after I end up sobbing. I don't know if it's dacryphilia or "make up sex," but both of us enjoy the sex after I cry.

The next one I decided to draw is Urusagalmatophilia, or the sexual attraction to teddy bears.

I decided to put a funny twist on him, making him all raggedy and "well-loved" with the thought bubble of "why me?"

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