Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Better Inspection of a Revised WooHoo!

The Screaming O 'WooHoo!' that I wrote about in this article, about it snapping at the er... Ball vibrator part the first time we even attempted to use it...

So now instead I've got two awesome new vibrators...

A cock ring that actually works. Fantastically, actually.
The O-Joy (to be talked about later) was too tight. This one was fabulous. He reacted almost instantaneously to the vibrations, the appropriate tightness. He orgasmed at the end of it so hard, that his voice was raw at the end of it. ;)

The vibrator at the ball part was turned into a textured clit vibe.

The best part? I can interchange it with a cheap one-speed or three-speed clit vibe. So when these break, which they inevitably will, I can actually replace it! Until the cock ring part quits on me... Anyway.

He wants to try a working WooHoo! eventually...

The O-Joy has the best little nubbies ever. Even my boyfriend could appreciate them.

However. This may be of the same brand, Screaming O, it is so much tighter.

It actually cut off his ability to ejaculate.

It was rather depressing.

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